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When we design a celebration, our focus is to highlight the person we are celebrating. We like to pick up on the feeling they want to share, the colors that make them look and feel good, and have all the guests feeling warmly welcomed, cared for and important. 

We are  gathering your visuals to get an idea of what you like and to see how we can translate it into reality for you. We use these as guidance and find the parts we relate to so we can create something that is beautiful and unique, never copied or the same. Colors, styles and vibe is what we're looking to learn from the photos you send.

What are you looking for our assistance with? Our wedding services include but are not limited to:

Additionally we offer design services to help create the look and feel of your wedding. 

Design options:


To create a beautiful and thoughtful wedding that includes all the necessary details generally starts at around $10,000

We take all the details you provide into consideration when planning with you.

Your event becomes our event and your guests are ours.


We truly look forward to creating magic with you!

xo, chani and freidel

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